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Save at the Pump
Pennzoil Tire Lube Express offers the following services that will keep your vehicle running efficiently and that will increase your gas mileage.
Wheel Alignment:
Gas mileage increases as rolling resistance decreases. Total alignment sets all four wheels parallel, which along with proper inflation, minimizes rolling resistance. Click here to learn more about our Precise 4-Wheel Alignment.
Keep Your Air Filter Clean:
Our technicians will be happy to check your vehicle's air filter as part of our Full Service Oil Change. A clean air filter can reduce your fuel costs up to 30%.
Clean Your Fuel System:
Our Gumout Engine & Fuel Services increase automotive performance, with products blended specifically to clean, protect, and enhance critical parts of your vehicle.
Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated:
When it comes to tire inflation, nitrogen has many advantages over oxygen. With nitrogen tire inflation, improvements can be noted in a vehicle's handling, fuel efficiency and tire life through better tire pressure retention, improved fuel economy and cooler running tire temperatures. Click here to learn about our NitroPro Nitrogen Tire Filling services.

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